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How To Throw The Best Baby Shower In 3 Easy Steps
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2. Use written invitations. We live in an age of internet connectivity and cell phones. This technology is incredible and can be really be handy. However, a paper invite is permanent. Your guests will save them for years to come in their scrap books. The souvenir value of written invitations is immense. A cell phone call or email can’t really be saved, so spend the extra money and send out a decent paper invite. You’ll be remembered an admired for sticking to your guns in an age of high tech gadgets.

3. The first two points are helpful, however, the most critical point to ensuring your baby shower is a success is knowing what not to do. Etiquette absolutely needs to come first. Poor etiquette will ensure that all your research efforts have been in vain and you could potentially ruin the party you worked so hard to prepare for. There is an entire list of do’s and don’ts that you need to follow to the letter or your shower just won’t work.

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Linda Harrison is the Author of “Baby Shower Do’s and Don’ts.” Grab your free copy at http://www.learntobabyshower.com.

How To Throw The Best Baby Shower In 3 Easy Steps
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