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Your Little Gourmet: Baby's Fifth Month Guide
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Feeding your five month-old baby is one of the messiest tasks you will ever perform. The baby-on-your-lap method is by far the most logistically tricky. An infant seat can double as a feeding chair. Make sure you strap baby in and never leave baby unsupervised in an infant seat even for a moment.

Get some exercise

Most mobile walkers and jumpers are unsafe and some have even been banned. A safer option would be an exersaucer or a stationary walker. A baby swing can work miracles as it calms your baby while you are occupied. But too much use of the baby swing can impair his practice of motor functions such as walking, crawling and cruising.

Health is wealth

In baby's fifth month, a medical examination is generally not scheduled unless you have specific health concerns or questions. Read all about environmental hazards that can affect your baby both at home and outdoors. Try to minimize your baby's exposure to environmental hazards by adequately childproofing your home, monitoring baby all the time and following safety measures.

Parenting is a demanding job and there are no job regulations or specifications. Keep yourself informed so that you know what is best for your baby.

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Your Little Gourmet: Baby's Fifth Month Guide
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