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Goodbye My BULLIED Baby

 by: Kacy Carr

Victim of the school bully

Many parents feel the pain for their bullied baby and feel helpless to make matters better either because the child is to afraid to name the perpetrators or denies blatantly that they are are a victim of abuse regardless of the bruises torn clothing and the fresh black eye every week.

Children wrapped up in their winter woollies for school because mum is protecting them from Jack Frost.

In summer mum's protect with sun block and then protection takes place again with a healthy lunchbox full of Jamie Oliver's goodies. But are we the parents protecting them the right way.

The smile on your child's face is about to be wiped off by the school bully as he/she waves goodbye to mummy and daddy at the door.

The only company that your child has on his/her way to school is fear, fear of what is around the corner will it be a fist or a kick. My heart aches to think the mental pain this child who forever looking over their shoulder must be feeling.

We all know fear where our stomach fills with butterflies followed by spewing up the guts. For god sake how are these kids coping with the mental physical pain Will it ever end; even tortured by nightmares in their sleep and in some unfortunate cases the abused victim makes sure they never wake again.

Tackle a bully with a bully I say instead of committing them to a correction centre where life is made far too easy. Bullies aren't so hard when confronted by a victim's big brother/sister or member of the family. If you are a victim of abuse please talk to mum dad or teacher.

Do not be afraid of the bully now you have spoken out, your tormentor will still cause pain, only this time you have the last laugh because you gave them a reason and into the bargain they get to look over their shoulder now the authorities are onto them.   (continued...)

Goodbye My BULLIED Baby
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About The Author

Kacy Carr

Facing up to a bully is hard but the right education behind you on how to tackle an imbecile is a great start. By learning the art of self defence you can tackle any bully.. Want results http://www.allaboutonlineeducation.com