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Have Fun With Baby Halloween Clothes
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As far as materials go, a great way to avoid irritation to the baby's skin, or undue worry over the safety of the baby's costume is to use a base that is already clothing that the baby is used to. For example, adding a headband with ears and some painted on whiskers to a grey fuzzy pajama set makes for an adorable little mouse. In colder weather, the same idea works with outerwear. Does your baby have a black coverall snowsuit? Well then you have an adorable little baby seal.

For warmer weather, avoiding face paints that are likely to melt or animal themed costumes that require a lot of coverage is a good idea. For something like a cat or zoo animal, the same basic idea applies, but a onesie or thin cotton romper with sleeves and legs works. Make sure you bring a blanket, because once the sun goes down the temperature is unpredictable.

Another great thing about dressing up with your baby is that you can literally dress up with your baby. You can have a living, breathing accessory for your own grown up costume. Some fun ideas include: *A baby bumblebee and a mother or father flower *A baby tinkerbell and a daddy Peter Pan *Mom, Dad, and baby dressed identically as three sizes of Russian dolls *A baby moth and a mommy or daddy flame The imagination can wander pretty far with the several different possible themes. Perhaps your baby would make a cute purse. It might be a little bit of a stretch, but how about a baby lime and a mommy coconut? Think about it. The possibilities are endless.

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Have Fun With Baby Halloween Clothes
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